Author of "Running from the Dreamland," "Sex, Gender, and Disability in Nepal," and "Mochan."

  • Thoughts On Writers, Critics And Publishers

    Thoughts On Writers, Critics And Publishers

    For promoting good Nepali literature or Nepali literature in English that would get international exposure, a healthy tripartite relationship of publishers, writers, and critics may play a significant role in its promising future. Many of the publishers in Nepal are not professional yet. They seem to be biased and mostly money minded. If a writer…

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  • Ways To Deal With Death Tactfully

    Ways To Deal With Death Tactfully

    Recently, a writer, scholar and a culturalist Satya Mohan Joshi passed away at the age of 103. Similarly, a few months ago,  Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 after the longest reign in the history of monarchs on the British throne. “Long Live the King.” Two years ago, my wife lost her…

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  • Identify The Genuine Candidate

    Identify The Genuine Candidate

    In his essay, “Truth and Falsity in an Ultramoral Sense,” Nietzsche writes that “truth is a mobile army of metaphors, metonymies, anthropomorphisms,” meaning there is no fixity of truth, it is rather an abstraction and people rationally submit to the abstraction believing an illusion as truth in order to live socially. With that said, Nietzsche…

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