Author of "Running from the Dreamland," "Sex, Gender, and Disability in Nepal," and "Mochan."

  • Translating Nepali Literature In English

    Translating Nepali Literature In English

    Translation is difficult if one fails to handle the original text in its own culture. It is more than a literal one. Our cultures and cultures are composed of many overlapping stories that the translations need to be wary o

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  • Message From Political Cartoons

    Message From Political Cartoons

    The meanings of cartoons have expanded. Not only are they simply satirical, but also such cartoons become symbols and metaphors — as politicians being incapable, inhuman, and jokers — that represent people’s ridiculed perceptions of Nepali politicians.

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  • Discourse On Sex In Nepal

    Discourse On Sex In Nepal

    The more we head towards the civilised world, the more we hear news about rape cases, sexual abuse and harassment. Nepal’s Facts Research and Analytics, the study of the Human Rights Commission and other miscellaneous police reports also show that incidents of rape are increasing. Looking at data from the United Nations, rape cases are…

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