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  • Emerging Nepali writers in English

    Emerging Nepali writers in English

    Tracing the history of Nepali writers writing in English is difficult, but a tentative beginning can be identified. Sangita Swechcha writes, “Padma Jung Bahadur Rana’s Life of Maharaja Sir Jung Bahadur of Nepal, a biography in English of the first Rana prime minister, made the solid path for coming generations to venture into English.” A date cannot be […]

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  • The Nepali literary environment

    The Nepali literary environment

    Nepali literature has recently progressed by leaps and bounds compared to the time of the Rana regime, especially when it comes to writing different genres, translating them, and reflecting on the voices of the marginalised in the works of literature. In this article, I have given the Keatsian term “unheard melodies” to the voices of […]

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  • Let The Subaltern Speak

    Let The Subaltern Speak

    Some time ago, one of the parliamentarians questioned to my question: “Who would listen to me in the parliament?” when I asked him “Why could not you bring about any reformative change in your territory from where you were elected?” My question was regarding people’s social and economic status. He was elected through the proportional […]

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  • Back To Village: Away From City Cacophony

    Back To Village: Away From City Cacophony

    Dilapidated vehicles queue up in the traffic jam on the street in the valley. They emit black fumes, leaving its wispy trail behind where lies the weary building of the royal palace turned into a museum after the country abolished the monarchy on 28 May 2008. I struggle to muffle my mouth, and question, “why […]

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  • सम्बन्धहरूको चिरफार ‘मोचन’:किन पढ्ने ? 

    सम्बन्धहरूको चिरफार ‘मोचन’:किन पढ्ने ? 

    मानवीय सम्बन्ध र खासगरी पति र पत्नीबीचको वैवाहिक सम्बन्धमा आएको दरारबाट जन्मिएको हो मोचन। जीवनको खुसी र मुक्ति खोज्ने क्रममा आत्महत्याभन्दा आध्यात्मिकताको बाटो रोजेपछि जन्मिएको हो मोचन। विभिन्न परिवेशमा बाँचेका जोडीहरूलाई बुझ्न र बुझाउन जन्मिएको हो मोचन। यो प्रेम, प्रणय र रागको मात्र कथा होइन, त्योदेखिबाहेक अरू धेरै कुरा हो भन्न जन्मिएको हो मोचन। मोचन […]

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  • When American Dreams Shrug off Reviewed by Mahesh Paudyal

    When American Dreams Shrug off Reviewed by Mahesh Paudyal

    When the Rambo films started hitting the box office way back in the early eighties, liberal critics considered it a ‘jerk’ and almost a regression, while for the nationalists, it was a respite. America was tired of being exposed, first by writers and creators, especially the absurdists, surrealists and the queers, and second by critics and frank […]

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