Author of "Running from the Dreamland," "Sex, Gender, and Disability in Nepal," and "Mochan."

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  • The Nepali literary environment

    The Nepali literary environment

    Nepali literature has recently progressed by leaps and bounds compared to the time of the Rana regime, especially when it comes to writing different genres, translating them, and reflecting on the voices of the marginalised in the works of literature. In this article, I have given the Keatsian term “unheard melodies” to the voices of […]

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  • Breaking Indoctrination Culture

    Breaking Indoctrination Culture

    Many people in Nepal support a party or its ideology not because they have a good grasp of it, but because of the impact from a culture of indoctrination that bolsters their unwillingness to alter their long-cherished beliefs in a party. This is how many people are motivated whether to support the party they have […]

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  • Accept the criticisms

    Accept the criticisms

    Government needs to understand that appreciation of different perspectives and criticisms can only help the government become more accountable I wonder why we are so critical of the government and the government is intolerant of criticisms that come from people. Who are critical of the government? They are people whose lives are still in lurch […]

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    Tulasi Acharya was born in the South Asian country of Nepal. He completed his Master’s degree in English in Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. He also taught English and Journalism courses at colleges in Nepal, where he authored textbooks on mass communication and journalism. A prolific writer, Acharya published short stories, poems, and articles in Nepali […]

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