Author of "Running from the Dreamland," "Sex, Gender, and Disability in Nepal," and "Mochan."

NIRI Webinar मा खगेन्द्र संग्रौला -लेखन यात्रा एक विचार मन्थन
In this interview, I have tried to give an overview of current situation on women, disability, policy and politics and what we as youths can do for Nepal, Nepali people and ourselves. I have briefly touched on NIRI Nepal, a research institute we have recently registered in Nepal and the नेपाल फर्कौं महाअभियान (Let’s Return to Nepal initiative). thank you Deepa Ale and NICE TV for the questions.
लैंगिक विभेद अन्त्यका लागि नीति र व्यवहारमा एकरुपता जरुरी | SAWAL JAWAF | DR. TULASI ACHARYA |
A Nepali poem: बुवालाई पत्र (कबिता )
समय-समाचारतर म कहाँ बिर्सिनु सक्छु र
तिम्रो चुम्बनले यो चिउडोमा बनाएको सुन्दर डिम्पल !
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