Author of "Running from the Dreamland," "Sex, Gender, and Disability in Nepal," and "Mochan."

Sex, Gender, and Disability in Nepal: This book explores the sex lives of women with disabilities in Nepal, showing that many women suffer more than men despite prevailing disability policies that emphasize nondiscrimination against people with disabilities. It also argues that far from general perceptions of women as asexual, women with disabilities are capable of leading highly creative and fulfilling sexual lives.

Using critical sexual theory and postcolonial studies as critical frameworks, the book investigates the narratives of authors with disabilities, exploring policy gaps and the need for supportive gender and sexual policies through the words of those affected. In particular, the book analyzes five female Nepali authors with disabilities: Radhika Dahal, Jhamak Ghimire, Sabitri Karki, Parijaat, and Mira Sahi, demonstrating the need for supportive gender policies to address the emotional and psychological needs of women with disabilities. Overall, the book argues that disciplinary discourses in practice often consider sex or sexuality as taboo, barely recognizing women in the context of marriage and family, and therefore creating gaps between policies and marginalized narratives.

This book provides important insights into sex and disability within the context of the Global South, and as such will be of interest not only to researchers working on Nepal but also to scholars across gender studies, disability studies, international development, and postcolonialism.

Katai Bomb, Katai Bamjan (कतै बम, कतै बम्जन): कामसूत्रमा वर्णन गरिएका यौनिक क्रियाकलाप होउन् वा मन्दिरका टुँडालतिर देखिने ईश्वरका विभिन्न यौनजन्य आसन र रतिराग, तपस्यारत विश्वामित्रको मेनकासँगको सम्बन्धको सन्दर्भ होस् वा यो संसारमा सृष्टिको अस्तित्व र सम्भावनाको प्रसङ्ग वा यौनको महत्त्व माथिको बहस होस् वा अपाङ्गताका कुरा वा हुन् समय, परिवेश, नेतृत्व, द्वन्द्व र अरू कयौँ प्राकृतिक तथा कृत्रिम हलचलहरू वा हुन् साहित्य, समालोचना, जातीयता र विविध, यी सबै विषयवस्तु माथि लेखिएका रचनाहरूको सँगालो हो यो पुस्तक । यस पुस्तकमा सङ्कलित सबै रचनाहरू नेपालबाट प्रकाशित हुने राष्ट्रिय दैनिक कान्तिपुर, अन्नपूर्ण पोस्ट तथा गोरखापत्रमा छापिएका हुन् ।

Living by Memories is a collection of the finest articles on different topics, such as love, humanity, politics, nostalgia, society, relationship, art and culture and literature, research, life and death and diseases, and much more. The writer expresses life and culture and society, how he lived, people he talked to, the world he saw and experienced. Beautifully crafted, the articles are highly creative force while they are based on facts, observations, impressions, readings, reflections, imaginations, and predictions. The articles offer an eclectic mix of subjects and remain testimony to the stories they tell. Divided into three parts— part one is a collection of three or more-page long articles; part two is a collection of one- two-page long articles; and part three is a collection of articles in Nepali— all the articles were published in national print and online newspapers in Nepal.

Organization Theories and Public Administration: A Critical Annotated Bibliography is a compilation of critical annotated bibliographies of important and timely articles in public administration and organization theory. The bibliographies are divided into different themes and categories. Under each theme, there are between 10 and 20 annotated bibliographies (over 1000 in total), with a thematic summary at the end. The contributors teach at universities in both the United States and abroad in departments ranging from public administration to education to English.
Graduate students, especially doctoral students in public administration, have long wanted a book that offers critical summaries of important articles across the discipline to help them with comprehensive exams. The book will also be useful for teachers and professors as a reference work that provides reliable summaries of the key points in the most influential articles from top journals in the field.
The book is about organizational theory and praxis in public administration and explores what leading scholars have reported about various aspects of organizations and organizational theories. It not only helps understand the key to organizational success but also explores leadership topics and the various roles and responsibilities of individuals in an organization.
The themes into which the annotated bibliography is divided are as follows: Expectancy theory; Motivation, pay, incentives, and retention; Job satisfaction and quality of work life; Burnout, emotional exhaustion, and stress; Realistic job previews and retention; Emotional intelligence, emotional labor, and showing emotion at work; Groupthink; Equifinality; Organizational change; Organizational traps; Organizational diagnosis; and Organizational learning.
The articles summarized in the book help the reader understand organizations, managers, organizational and managerial behaviors, and all the other aspects that come into play in the context of organizations and public administration. The book, theoretically and empirically, helps readers understand problems and thus find solutions in organizations and public administration.
The book reviews the conceptual, theoretical, and methodological discussions in the articles and presents them in the format of an annotated bibliography under different themes. The articles critically discussed and summarized under each theme will give students, scholars, researchers, bureaucrats, and teachers a better grasp of the ideas, concepts, theories, and methods needed to understand organization and leadership. The book will be useful for anyone who is conducting research in public administration with a focus on organizations and organizational theory and praxis.
This volume fills an important gap by collecting major research articles in public administration and organizational theory and presents them in the format of a critical annotated bibliography. The book is timely and contextual, and the articles are discussed under different themes. The lucidly written bibliographies summarize articles of 6,000 words or more in between 200 and 500 words. Each chapter begins by presenting the relevance of its theme in the public administration context before the annotated bibliography and a thematic conclusion.
This book is ideal for bureaucrats or managers in organizations and government agencies and for students or scholars in public administration and organizational science. It surveys the most important theories and practices in the field and outlines the crucial points of research articles published in leading journals.

: The book is a collection of reviews on more than twenty-four books in both Nepali and English. Some of the titles include: “The Narrative Method that delayers Grand narratives in Social Research,” “Language, Incommensurability, and Repetition,” “Bipiko Bidroha & Biman Bidroha,” “Conflict is anti-environment,” “Causes, Consequences and Kinds of Communism,” “Cultural Diversity and Gender: A Worthwhile Read,” “Silence is a Political Act,” “Lowland,” “Evicted,” “Yambuner,” “The Discomfort of Evening,” “Rich Storytelling, Poor Representation?” “Healed reviewed,” “Shushila’s Justice,” “Reviewing Parajuli and his works in reviews,” “Coding as a ritual a good thing for social scientists,” “Urgency of better research on error feedback in L2 writing: Ferris,” “D. R.’s novel “Sprouts on the Rock.”

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