Writing services

If you need any help with Professional, Business, and Technical Writing, please contact here. We will guide, advise, and mentor you. Do you need to write a resume, or a cover letter, or to prepare and organize a report effectively? Or are you looking for one or more of the services below? Please contact us. Or pay the consultation fee $20 via PayPal below.

  • write a memo letter, a business letter, query letter
  • write for nonprofit or business organizations or for the press: short profile, short feature article, press release, fact kit, public service announcement, news release
  • pitch stories, conduct interviews, write profiles
  • Write an analysis paper
  • refine and edit work, format, and organize
  • prepare a portfolio
  • analyze voice, tone, language, and format (e.g., essay, autobiography, report, editorial, case study, inquiry, fiction and non-fiction and research)
  • know rhetorical analysis—ethos, pathos, logos
  • write a long report or a proposal or business proposal that has a clear argument
  • create brochures
  • write position papers
  • request for proposals (RFPs)
  • write a grant proposal
  • write blogs
  • write academic papers
  • creative writing
  • technical and business topics in literature
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